Christmas in July (Sort Of)

…well, the piece is “Gemini in July,” but its publication date falls nicely into the Christmastime window, so…!

May I say, before I share the link, that 2018 has been a hell of a year.  I said goodbye to a job (and a group of students) I adored.  I said goodbye to Florida, a place I hated and a place I regret never learning to appreciate.  I said goodbye to my dreams of the tortured-writer life, settled into a Real Adult Job, and was shocked to find that everything is just as beautiful (and just as enthralling) even when I’m not immersed in ~the creative sphere~ 24/7.   I said goodbye to the therapist who put me back together when I believed I was a lost cause.  And, most painfully, I said goodbye to my fiancee and best friend.

But I also made friends–the truest friends I’ve had in years.  I fought my eating disorder and won–again.  I moved to Maryland and felt reinvented by the newness of it all.  I saw Taylor Swift live (twice!).  I discovered what good sex is.  I learned how to defrost my windshield.  I went on some first dates that were so epically bad, I’ll never again have to worry about what stories I should tell at parties.  I reconnected with my childhood best friend.  I got back into the kind of long-distance running I hadn’t done since college.  And I met someone who changed everything.

But let’s flashback specifically to July, back to the Gemini who ~intoxicated~ me at the time.  Maybe he was truly a gift from God, or maybe I was just dying for change.  Either way, he was the theme of my summer, and the prologue to the truly strange (and exciting and sexy and confusing and joyous) Everything that came after.

Here is “Gemini in July.”  Scroll down the page for the audio version by yours truly.


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