Reckoning,” Pithead Chapel, April 2020

“Compatibility,” Brain Mill Press Ab Terra Anthology, forthcoming 2020

Gemini in July,” Utterance: A Journal, December 2018

Parallel (Intersecting) Lives,” Rougarou, Summer 2018

Not Otherwise Specified,” Entropy, June 2018

Everything Was Cliché and Nothing Hurt,” Heavy Feather Review, June 2018

Note,” Lavender Review, Issue 17

“Ethereal Girls,” Enter Rural Scene Anthology, Wash and Fold Press

“Shame, A History,” Rubbertop Review, Volume 9

Wrestling with God,” The Tusk

Dirty Love,” The Write Launch

Blood, Water, Sin,” Winner of the Winter 2017 Santa Ana River Review Nonfiction Contest, Issue II

Zero Is A Number Both Real and Imaginary,” Cease, Cows

girl v. God,” Moonsick, Issue 18

Choice,” Sediments Literary-Arts Journal, Issue 8

“Only the Young,” Summer Fling: Tales of Seduction, Zimbell House Publishing

I Think You’re Crazy,” Route 7 Review, Issue 5

The Signs in 100 Words,Breathe Free Press, Issue 1

Face Paint,” The Olive Press, Issue 4

Me, Myself & Matthew Gray Gubler,” Queen Mob’s Teahouse

“Faulty Hearts,” Hawai’i ReviewIssue 86

“Sunday,” FishFood MagazineIssue 1

Holy Ground,” storySouth, Issue 43

Out of the Box,” Superstition Review, Issue 19

Ethereal Girls,” Santa Ana River Review, Vol 2, Issue 1

23 Reasons,” The Tusk, November 2016

Un/Done” and “At Dawn, Your Room Looks Aquamarine,” Hardly Doughnuts, Issue 3

“In Transit,” Quarter After EightIssue 23

Ready, Set, Go,” Entropy, September 2016

“Civil War,” Experimementos

All That Glitters,” Sonora Review, Issue 70

Macy of the Melanoma,” The Sonder Review, Issue 5

Blood,”  Chicago Literati

Flames,” Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, December 2015

Venus Retrograde,” Little Patuxent Review, Issue 19

The Girls We Love (Extended Version),” Ginosko Literary Review, Issue 17

Upside Down,” RE(SISTERS), For Books’ Sake Press. Print.

The M Word,” Fourth River, 0.2

Showmanship,” Profane, Issue 2: Winter 2015

Sonder,” The Offbeat, Issue 15

Trigger.The Voices Project

Sugar,Apeiron Review, Issue 9

Fortune.  Damaged Goods Press.  Print.

Fortune,Crab Fat Literary Magazine

Raw,” Fiction Southeast, December 2015

Ghosts” and “Gains,Gravel

Arizona,” The Wild Ones

Potato Salad Portraits,” under the gum tree

1×1,” Glassworks

Nothing Gold,” Switchback

Because You Said You Loathe Yourself,” If and Only If

The Girls We Love,” Fogged Clarity

Interior Design,” Word Riot

“Frost,” Stone Highway Review

Hands,” The Pavilion

The Hawk,” Prime Number

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